Creating a brand new experience that combines video content with e-commerce.

A shoppable media product

Streaming services are dominating the traditional entertainment industry, leaving companies like Fuse Media, a music focused media company, left to innovate or die. Struggling to establish their digital offer, Fuse asked Handsome to help imagine their content and commerce offering in a future-proof SVOD concept.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Validation Testing
  • Content Strategy
  • Usability Testing

Offering More Than Entertainment

In order to appeal to their young, multicultural audience, the experience would need to do more than entertain. Our SVOD concept connects Fuse’s mobile app with a TV viewing experience in real-time. 


By focusing on “gear” in their shows as an experiential pillar,  we invented the ability to save and shop for items featured in their video content.


Ideas Ready to Implement

Our conceptual thinking and prototypes pushed Fuse’s thinking into new territories and demonstrated what an ambitious and aggressive future might look like for the category.