Holistic growth has never looked more handsome

October 1st, 2021

We can go on all day about creating holistic experiences for our clients and their end customers. It’s what we do. It’s why we exist. We know that a successful system is one where all the pieces work together and support each other, no matter what job they do.

But the part we don’t always share is how we internalize it. At handsome, we don’t just fill seats to cover disciplines. We add faces and philosophies, perspectives and personalities, because we believe the only way to create impactful, cohesive brand experiences is to view ourselves that way too.

So as we grow — and we’ve been fortunate to do a lot of that lately — we’re not just adding new expertise and services for our clients, we’re growing more, well, handsome. It’s an aesthetic we subscribe to that guides everything we design, craft, and construct. But even more so, handsome is the quality and integrity we look for and value in objects and ideas, places and, of course, people.

Meet some of our handsome additions.

Meet Vincent, UX Lead
For Vincent, great work starts with great questions, so he asks a lot of them. That’s how he uncovers not just why we’re making something and for whom, but how those people think and behave, and how to make a service or experience feel more relevant to them. When he sees the problems people are having, he can help the team solve for them.

Maybe it’s because Vincent comes from two very food-centric cultures — Hong Kong and France. Maybe it’s because he’s just a self-described hungry dude. But when Vincent thinks about the future and how we can design for it, dumplings come to mind. Why? Because they’re the great equalizer. Every culture has its own version, but we’re all still making dumplings. And no matter how you make them — or how you think about the future — as long as you combine a scoop of empathy with a dash of disruption, you’re bound to make the world a better place for everyone.

Meet Alexis, Engagement Lead
When Alexis says her job is to create space so people can do their best work, you better believe she means it. Sure, she’s led international productions with million-dollar budgets and celebrity talent, but wait until you hear about the time she turned a hallway closet into a production studio to create hundreds of pieces of digital content. She’s here to make it easy for the makers. She’s harnessing her team’s passion and no-mountain-too-big mentality to obliterate obstacles to deliver impactful strategies and activations that push a brand forward and exceed clients’ expectations.

Alexis won’t deny that content is king, but it’s the creators themselves who inspire her. Sometimes she’s sitting in a Broadway theater as a crew of hundreds transports an audience to another world for a few hours. Other times she’s scrolling through TikTok where thousands of individuals invent creative ways to tell stories of human kindness and activism in three minutes or less. But all the time she’s moved by their magic, stirred by their ideas, and awed by their influence.

Meet David, Executive Creative Director
Building compelling brands. Creating exceptional experiences. Developing and running global platforms. David’s job is definitely as big and lofty as it sounds, but day to day he does a lot of listening and observing. That’s how he spots unrealized potential and untapped opportunities. And it’s why he can champion new thinking, draw out new ideas, and inspire people to look differently at the world and themselves.

For David, sometimes the best way to find his own inspiration is to dive deep into the natural world and into the past. Thanks to his marine zoologist brother, he got a close-up look at a 1.5 billion year-old coral reef fossil. He believes witnessing the capacity for life that Earth can create — and for what that life gives us — brings about the all-important state of wonder and leads us to see everything from a new perspective. So whether we’re holding a piece of ancient history or taking a new path through the park, the power of finding something new in each day gives us opportunities to grow, create and connect.

Meet John, Front End Developer
John’s title tells you he develops things, but we think of him more as a creator. As a kid he created things from paper and from LEGOS. As he got older he got more sophisticated tools. He started making things you could hear, not see. Then he discovered programming and he started making things you can experience. Whether he’s creating websites for our clients, music on his own, or video games with his brother, John is passionate about finding innovative ways to use his tools.

You might think that someone who knows how the sausage is made — digitally speaking — would eventually find the whole thing a little mundane. But you’d be wrong. Each day, with each discovery about how everything works, John feels a new excitement for computers and technology. It’s like the magic that’s generated when people come together and form human bonds. Afterall, connectivity isn’t just about the strength of your WiFi. At a time when isolation is dangerously common, John believes it’s our efforts to socialize and interact that will make life exponentially better.

Meet Stephanie, Head of People

Whether she’s managing members of an indie band or members of our indie agency, for Stephanie it’s kinda the same thing. With years of experience working in creative fields, she knows how, like brands — and also like bands for that matter — agencies are more than the sum of their parts. No matter if she’s recruiting new faces, building teams, supporting culture, or developing talent, she’s shaping the holistic experience of what it means to be handsome.

On a perfect day you’ll find Stephanie starting her morning with a peaceful meditation and hike with her dog. This is where the world begins to reveal itself to her in little bits, like a piece of birch bark or driftwood, sea glass or an abandoned bird’s nest. Just like our agency, she fills her home with disparate but special treasures, an unlikely and yet unquestionable collection that could have only come together this one perfect way.

Meet Kat, Engagement Lead
Kat has a keen understanding of how things — and people — work. It’s why she’s so good at her job, and how she’s helped create so many digital-first brands, marketing programs, and products for some of the world’s most ambitious organizations. Like a scientist, she understands the relationships between organisms — creative, strategic, or technical — and what environments and inputs they need to thrive.

While we haven’t quite figured out how to be in two places at one time, Kat’s appreciation for the behavior of our own matter and energy is essential. Her leadership, mastery of process, and ability to take on the challenge of an unimaginable outcome may not be quantum physics, but it certainly feels magical.

Growth isn’t just good for business, it’s rich and rewarding to all of us, every day. Each new person is a whole new world for us to experience and explore, and it doesn’t just expand what we’re capable of creating, it transforms what we’re open to experiencing. We grow more handsome every day. Watch out for new faces in the days to come.

Feeling handsome? Reach out to us at careers@handsome.is.