Axios Smart Brevity Studio

Developing new products and experiences that Axios can launch in weeks—not months.

Efficient, Scaleable, and always Axios

Axios, the American news organization launched in 2016, is redefining the nature of journalism by focusing on digital-first, matter-of-fact content that is easy to consume and understand. Their model of content delivery has differentiated them from major news outlets by meeting readers where they are, regardless of platform.

The Smart Brevity Studio creates content for partners who acknowledge that attention spans are shrinking and delivering smart, efficient, experiences for advertisers is the future.

  • Brand Evolution
  • Editorial Design
  • Low-Code Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Launching Smart Brevity Studio

As a startup within Axios, the Smart Brevity Studio team needed to not only produce excellent content for partners, they needed to wrap it in a compelling digital experience for readers.

Our team worked to identify the unique value proposition and desired positioning for the Smart Brevity Studio in order to create a distinct home for this distinct business unit. Our fresh perspective allowed us to marry the rigor of Axios communication with the business value of advertising for partners. Motion, animation, color, and interactivity enhanced what might have otherwise been straightforward content limited by existing style guides.

Over the course of our ongoing partnership, handsome has defined new content formats, launched numerous partner pages, created scalable systems, and helped The Studio articulate its value proposition to new customers.

“The way handsome has applied our brand and the brands of our partners to these experiences has blown us and our clients away.”

Jimmy Shelton
VP, Smart Brevity Studio

Bringing Smart Brevity to Life for Partners

Content is only as valuable as its ability to capture the reader’s attention. We helped the Studio spin up new product offerings that apply Axios’ to-the-point communication style in more engaging and immersive formats for partner brands. This unobtrusive interactivity allowed us to differentiate these experiences from the editorial content users are accustomed to seeing when they come to

Building Scalable, Rapidly Deployable Solutions

For Axios, new partners and experiences are spun up in weeks—not months. In order to accommodate the fast-paced nature of their business, we chose Webflow as the best platform for it’s speed, design flexibility, and ease of implementation.

We’ve taken full advantage of Webflow’s native CMS functionality—combined with clever low-code of our own—to create flexible, dynamic, and easy-to-use Collections that anyone on the Axios team feels empowered to contribute to themselves. We’ve also continued to build out their ability to launch entire collections of branded content within the domain structure.

An Ongoing Partnership

As the Smart Brevity Studio continues to grow, the team at handsome will continue to launch new experiences that bring branded content to life in exciting ways.