Empowering Entrepreneurs with Access to New Tools

Unifying brand, product, and business

Background GoDaddy is evolving their brand and business to better enable, connect, and champion millions of small business owners around the world. Our work focused on transforming their customers’ purchase-path experience to increase access and sales of their many services in addition to domain names.

The Problem A majority of GoDaddy’s customers purchase a domain for a new business while only one-third of those entrepreneurs were purchasing other business services.

  • Content Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Usability Testing
  • User Research
  • User Testing

Generative Research to Identify Missed Opportunities

Our research and concept validation made certain design decisions clear, such as how to balance information so customers never felt overwhelmed, while also speaking to a broad range of new and seasoned business owners.

Ideation and Design Sprints

Each area we identified was prioritized alongside our client partners using stringent assessment criteria.


Validated, Ready-to-Deploy Concepts

To conclude our work, the team designed production-ready, research-validated concepts that applied our ideas into a newly performant purchase path experience.