handsome’s embarked on an innovation journey with Shell

October 30th, 2020

In the next chapter of the multi-year relationship, Handsome is proud to be charting new territories of innovation with Shell.

We’re inspired by Shell’s aspiration to innovate new and better ways to unlock energy sources and identify more efficient business and consumer solutions with us. This relationship has been brewing for some time now and this major step forward is something the handsome team is excited to jump into.

“Digital technologies and trends are transforming the way we live, work and interact. For Shell, they will drive cost efficiency, provide new revenue opportunities, change business models and redefine our industry.”

Shell Digitalisation

Handsome has been challenged to innovate and validate opportunities that enhance the service and technology offering for their B2B and B2B2C retail business. 

In a landscape ripe for evolution, Shell is looking to build on the already great relationships with their trade partners by continuing to redefine and expand their service offerings. And, the time is right for evolution with a rapidly accelerating landscape that involves broader product offerings, updated automotive technology, changing consumer expectations, and Shell’s Energy Transition mission.

“Handsome and Shell have been working together for a while now, applying design thinking to evolve and innovate within the global energy business. Getting deeper into the supply chain and services that Shell provides to finally start turning knobs on product, service, and customer experience is something we’re all very excited about.”

John Roescher
CEO, Handsome

Looking forward

The Handsome team, consisting of Charlie Humphries, Justin Pike, Travis Rimmel, Jacob Rader, and Jennifer Allen, is proud to join forces with Shell to identify ways they can best serve their customers. 

Here’s to building something great.