Technical Solutions Architect

February 14th, 2022

We are looking for talented technical solutions architects to partner with our clients and lead our development teams to create extraordinary, award-worthy experiences.

The Technical Solutions Architect will work with the Handsome and client leadership to design, plan, and deliver features and services that extend and improve the client’s platform. The Technical Solutions Architect’s role includes the following:

    • Understanding the long term roadmap of the client’s platform and directing efforts in support of its goals


    • Identifying and removing architectural impediments restricting the pace of innovation across the platform


    • Advising the client leadership on solutions to technical challenges while clearly articulating tradeoffs and implications


    • Documenting solutions and driving consensus where appropriate


    • Guiding prioritization and implementation of in-progress and planned workstreams


    • Accumulating a body of knowledge around existing business logic and assume the role of “go-to” member of the team for questions pertaining to existing behavior


    • Reviewing code and solutions where necessary to ensure a maintainable and scalable platform over time


    • Ensuring efficient communication of progress, challenges, and needs between client and Handsome leadership, development teams, and key partners


  • Working closely with Product Owners and Solutions Architects to ensure platform consistency across products and services

The Technical Solutions Architect will be expected to drive measurable improvements to:

    • The velocity of the development teams


    • The quality of the development team’s output


  • The reduction of technical debt in the platform


    • 7+ years of relevant experience in technical roles including developer, developer manager, and solution architect


    • Understands current trends and best practices across each tier of a typical web-based product ecosystem, including frontend/UI, backend/middleware, devops, CI/CD, API design and management.


    • 5+ years working with complex applications deployed on Amazon AWS


    • Familiarity with containerized applications, specifically on Kubernetes EKS a plus


    • 5+ years working in C# .NET-based web applications


    • Familiarity with WCF a plus, but not required


    • Comfortable with Agile planning using Jira


    • Comfortable operating in an advisory capacity to influence priorities and implementation details from small to large scale


  • Experience managing remote development teams
  • Ability to think big picture and focus tactical decisions on strategic outcomes
  • Collaborative mindset informed by a strong point of view


Send us a message at with your résumé, portfolio of relevant work and anything else you wish us to see and consider.