Digital Creative Director

January 20th, 2021

We’re looking for a full-time Digital Creative Director to lead and design handsome’s marketing/brand efforts. In a nutshell, you’ll be creating the final story and art across our website, social channels, partner sites, internal marketing tools and presentations. (Big Deal)

What that looks like on the daily

You’ll come up with compelling ways to tell handsome’s brand story across our clients, work and people.

Work with handsome’s CEO and handsome’s ECD to identify story opportunities across handsome’s clients, projects and people on a bimonthly basis.

You’ll be able to take a singular story and turn it into several campaign touchpoints.

Work with Marketing Coordinator to identify different campaign touch points and schedule them out across all channels.

Gather assets and relevant story information from handsome team members to be able to craft project specific campaigns.

Figure out ways to elevate each project through unique storytelling and visualizations.

Use a monthly art budget to hire and direct speciality design teams for complete more complex campaigns. This could be a video/photoshoot. Illustrations, 3d Art, UI and Motion, etc.

You’ll be responsible for the continued refinement and internal/external articulation of our brand.

Continue to create and refine brand guidelines.

Design template creation.

About You

3+ years of agency experience in a senior or director level role.

Great sense of design. You should be able to live up to and exceed the work in handsome’s portfolio if you were leading the team that did it yourself. Your portfolio needs to reflect this to be considered

Strong familiarity with digital design agencies. You should already be following us and our competitors. You speak our language.

You are a leader, but also a doer. You don’t need to wait to be told what to do. You create your own deadlines and never miss them.

The Future

Imagine it’s 3 months from now. What does success look like?

You’re ahead of schedule. The stuff that is being posted today is stuff that you had finished weeks ago.

The way you are showing off the work is way better than the team could have done without you. Creative Director’s who worked on the projects you’ve built campaigns around are coming to you in awe of the way you’ve elevated the work.

You just get it. The CEO and ECD trust you completely.They know you understand the landscape and what it takes to delivery a brand experience that rivals our biggest competitors.

The system is working. Because of the templates and guidelines you’ve put in place you’re not able to only spin up work faster, but other’s can as well.


Send us a message at with your résumé, portfolio of relevant work and anything else you wish us to see and consider.