Associate Creative Director, Product Design

October 15th, 2020

As an Associate Creative Director at handsome, you have achieved an outstanding level of excellence in conceptualization, visual design, interaction design, and motion design. You have depth and range in all aspects of the work we do, and can skillfully lead a team of diverse disciplines with clarity, vision, and inspiration.


The Associate Creative Director will often (but not always) be the Project Lead on a project, responsible for a close and collaborative partnership with the Project Manager guiding the team and the client to over-deliver work on quality and value to the client, while maintaining team health and happiness, and on-time and on-budget discipline.

Quality and craft

Create a compelling and strategically grounded project or program vision, articulated with crystal clarity

Refine and evolve the vision to adapt to the progress of the work, incorporating new learnings, insights, and ideas

Direct work that is grounded in best practices and contemporary design and/or technology standards, while pushing boundaries and exploring new territories

Hold high standards for pixel perfection, for innovative concepts, and team performance.

Defend decisions with examples, data, and references – delivered with confidence, humility, passion and authenticity.

Team and Collaboration

Give specific direction to each team member that ensures a cohesive output, and inspires each team member to deliver their best possible work

Provide feedback and critique that is thoughtful, empathetic and ultimately produces great work and a happy team

Contribute to the work as a member of the team, to help others learn, and to keep your skills razor-sharp

Mentor other designers, through direct feedback and critique, guidance on skill development and role modeling both technique and behavior.


With an acute sensitivity to your audience, present work through a consistent narrative that you refer back to throughout the project to keep everyone grounded.

Develop a presentation style toolkit to be able to present work for different needs and contexts – sometimes to build confidence, or to inspire and engage, or to elicit feedback.

Always know what you need from the presentation and customize your presentation and approach accordingly.


Acting as a strong representative of the agency, you think strategically about your projects and clients – identifying opportunities for continued and additional growth, building powerful relationships with clients for referrals, and contributing to the agency direction through the outstanding work of your teams, and your personal brand.

Support marketing and business development efforts with direction and guidance from the Leadership team, crafting differentiating proposals, developing ideas for marketing campaigns, and developing marketing assets.

Support the practice leadership, contributing to the evolution of the practice and identifying and developing potential hires.


You have  4+ years of digital agency experience and have the portfolio to prove it.

You have experience leading projects and can demonstrate strong leadership skills.

You’re comfortable navigating a team through the ambiguous design process.

You value the design process of rapid ideation, prototyping, and early and often testing.

You have strong interaction design skills.

You understand motion design and how to create a cohesive, branded language for it.

You have great attention to detail and believe the design is in the details.

You are as creative as you are a practical thinker.

You thrive off of collaboration.

“That’s not my job” is not in your vocabulary.

You are always on top of the latest and greatest in the industry.

You have no ego and are continuously upgrading your skills.

You take ownership and initiative.


Send us a message at with your résumé, portfolio of relevant work and anything else you wish us to see and consider.