Several handsome AR/VR projects launched at Facebook Connect

The Work
October 30th, 2020

Over the past year we have partnered closely with teams at Facebook under Reality Labs and Oculus to create exciting product experiences for internal and consumer use. Two of these experiences were recently launched at the AR/VR conference Facebook Connect.

Project Aria

We helped research, design, and build a new way for users to interact with their world. Project Aria is an initiative that utilizes a smart glasses device to collect valuable data from the world around us that will help fuel products and software well into the future.

Learn more about Aria here: Introducing Project Aria

Oculus Developer Hub

We also worked with the Oculus team to design the first ever Oculus Developer Hub. This product aims to serve the day to day workflow of those building software for the line of Oculus Headsets. ODH will facilitate a more efficient development experience as well as a better way to collaborate and be in the know within the entire Oculus ecosystem.

Learn more about ODH here: Introducing Oculus Developer Hub

Looking forward

We look forward to continuing to work closely with Facebook to design and build for the cutting edge of these technologies.