Richard’s Rainwater

Strategy and design focused on improving awareness to the most naturally sustainable source of drinking water on the market.

Transparent, pure and sustainable.

Richard's Rainwater is the first company to receive FDA-approval to bottle and sell rainwater in the United States. To date, Handsome has launched their visual identity, created their brand voice, published their website and produced their primary brand marketing campaign.

The Problem:
Richard’s knew they would never be more than a regional player in the bottled water space if they weren’t able to articulate and visualize their company values and the unique qualities of their product.

  • 360 Marketing Development
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design

Letting the Brand Wash Over Us

Richard’s Rainwater was founded from a belief that there is a better way to provide people with clean, enjoyable, and sustainable drinking water—and from a source that’s always-local.

Touring their rain harvesting and bottling facility in Dripping Springs, TX, our design team fully immersed themselves in the Richard’s Rainwater story, technology, and processes. Our team then synthesized our findings into three brand truths:

1. Rainwater is Sustainable
2. Rainwater is Local
3. Rainwater is Pure

A new Voice for a new Brand

We then translated our brand truths into visualized assets and clever copywriting that created the foundation for future messaging, marketing assets, and a refreshed marketing website. This holistic approach to brand design ensured every touchpoint was crafted for maximum impact.


After a successful brand launch measured by social media impressions, sales leads, and perception shift, we continued our creative partnership with Richard’s Rainwater to redesign their packaging and product labels using more environmentally friendly materials and merchandising techniques.