We helped the entertainment brand consolidate multiple digital products into a single experience.

A New Digital Strategy For A Beloved Brand

Nickelodeon approached Handsome to transform their digital experience and business model for their digitally-native audience of children.

The Problem:
Nickelodeon aimed to consolidate their digital experiences into a single solution that allowed access through cable providers as well as a standalone paid subscription model. This new offering would need to create an experience that would wow kids and endear their parents.

  • Concept Validation Testing
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Product Design

Kids: TV’s Most Fickle Audience

The behaviors of viewers between the ages of 3 and 11 and the needs of their parents couldn’t be derived from traditional TV metrics. Through qualitative in-home user research, we developed an understanding of both a child and a parent’s interaction with Nickelodeon’s legacy and competitor apps, and how behaviors of different age groups changed. 


Onboarding Across Cognitive Abilities

Iterative design and usability testing led us to a contextual, reactionary on-boarding process that personalized the experience quickly and seamlessly, while keeping in mind what would be usable to a 3-year-old but not alienating to an 11-year-old.


Experiences that Grow With Their Audience

In addition to research and design, our development team authored a new engagement algorithm to populate relevant content based on user’s behaviors. Starting with widely appealing content, our algorithm quickly drilled down into the shows and genres preferred by each individual child. After learning a child’s favorite shows, characters from those shows would make unexpected appearances for special moments of surprise and delight throughout the app.


A Long-Term Competitive Advantage

Our first solution created an elegant, combined digital experience filled with Nickelodeon’s high-quality content. We worked closely alongside Nickelodeon stakeholders and held several workshops and mapping exercises to identify ideal future-states, and to define the steps for getting there.