Modernizing FedEx's retail customer experience across physical and digital touchpoints.

Holistic service design

FedEx approached Handsome to “improve and modernize their retail customer experience, with a focus on the redesign of the Drop Box.” It became clear early on that the design of the drop box itself was only a small part of a complex ecosystem. To achieve success, we would need to re-evaluate the entire experience from end to end.

  • Brand Design
  • Concept Validation Testing
  • Development
  • Experience Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Usability Testing

Holistically mapping the business

Mapping out the lifecycle of the shipping process allowed us to identify areas for improvement in all phases of the experience. A detailed system map enabled FedEx and Handsome to quickly align on both immediate, mid, and long term re-organizational opportunities for both customers and operational teams.


Insight through immersion

To create a successful design solution it was crucial for us to understand our target users and experience the process from their perspective. Visually depicting detailed scenarios was a key part of our process to identify areas of opportunity.


Translating communication into profit

Our research uncovered a pattern of communication breakdowns that were costing FedEx money. Errant stops at empty drop boxes by couriers and a lack of information on drop box locations, available services, and pick up times to customers resulted in lost sales.


Looking Forward

The partnership between FedEx and Handsome has just begun. There is still a complex ecosystem of touch points to be considered, user tested, and innovated upon. What initially began as the aesthetic redesign of a drop box quickly developed into a transformative opportunity across the entire FedEx retail experience.