Design Thinking Process

The bthere Brand

The bthere Brand

bthere is the life of the party.

The objective of bthere is to leverage location sharing and group chat features to keep friends together and accountable. We created the bthere brand to be energetic, fun, and approachable. Aiming to encourage interactions and connectivity between friends, we wanted each element of the bthere experience to inspire delight. A colorful palette, rounded type, cheeky characters, and irreverent humor come together to establish a relatable, enjoyable platform for friends to keep in touch.

Embodying the Essence of bthere

With a focus on college aged women, bthere is intended to aid in the coordination of any group activity- from Sunday brunch to a night out. To reflect this, we established a dynamic color palette representing different times of day- sunset, sunrise, and evening. Since bthere is about being on the go, we introduced soft gradients into the background elements, creating visual dimension and movement. Since bthere was a new app concept with multiple components, we wanted the logo to iconically represent its core features- location sharing and group chat. To accomplish this, we integrated a chat bubble into the center of a location pin. Simple and straightforward, the logo is easily recognizable and quickly communicates the core functions of the app. Since many people are cautious about the security and privacy of location sharing, we wanted the logo to feel soft and approachable, yet still structured enough to foster a sense of trust.

Creating the bthere World

To provide an immersive experience for the app, we designed a framework of characters to interact with throughout onboarding and beyond. The characters personify the quirkiness of the brand (ranging from party cat to workout panda to a smiling taco) and allow for further expression of bthere’s irreverent humor. Friends can select their favorite character to represent themselves on the map making it easier to quickly identify and locate people. Market activation for the brand has been focused on contests encouraging friends to spend time together (ACL wristbands for the group of friends who spend the most time together) and unexpected, delightful surprises- like an 8 foot piñata showing up to your party. From the bold color palette to the audacious location pins, bthere embodies playfulness and enlivens interactions between friends.

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