The 2017 SXSW interactive opening party kicks off at Handsome

The 2017 SXSW interactive opening party kicks off at Handsome

We were honored this year to host a legendary event, the official SXSW Interactive Opening Party. Hundreds of industry experts from around the world visited Handsome’s East 6th Street offices to enjoy music, drinks, and celebrate the kick off of the top technology conference of the year.

Being a part of the local (and global) community has been a part of Handsome’s mission from day one. Over the course of the first year in our new Austin, Texas headquarters, we hosted over 20 industry, community and cultural events.

Handsome Design Agency Austin HQ

Some of the events from the past year included the annual King Pong Tournament and the inspiring Voice & Exit conference to the intimate So Far So Sounds events. Bringing the community together to share knowledge, experience art and enjoy collaboration is key to our culture. SXSW hosting their opening party here was the ultimate realization of this vision.

We look forward to being even more involved in the community over the next year. If you’re looking to host an event with us, feel free to reach out here.

About Handsome

Handsome is a digital agency with a focus on experience design, innovation, and technology.

We create beautiful experiences that drive businesses to succeed in a progressively connected world.

We’re entrepreneurs, collaborators, inventors, thinkers, and makers. We focus on creating brands, services, and products that impact users across a holistic, technology-empowered journey.

For 5 years we’ve been independently owned and headquartered in Austin, Texas. We’re 35 people strong with a team comprised of strategists, designers, and technologists.

Our client partnerships include FedEx, Keller Williams, Facebook, Home Depot, and Nickelodeon.

Our team is growing. Want to create things that make an impact?

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