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Southwestern University Selects Handsome

Southwestern University Selects Handsome

Southwestern University, the first university established in Texas, has selected Handsome as an Innovation and Design Partner to help redesign their brand and existing marketing channels.

Southwestern University (SU) approached Handsome with the ask to redefine their brand presence in their digital and physical channels.

In early conversations, it became clear that there was a huge opportunity to position SU at the forefront of brand expression amongst other universities.

A School That Thinks Differently

SU, the 175-year-old university located in Georgetown, TX, is unique in many ways. More specifically, its holistic approach to learning sets it apart from other schools. SU teaches students to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas within courses, across disciplines, and throughout the curriculum. The ability to see beyond silos of learning provides the foundation for true innovation and real-world problem-solving skills.

SSU hosts a series of Intercollegiate Athletics teams that compete in NCAA Division III basketball, cross country, track & field, football, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, men’s baseball, lacrosse, women’s volleyball and women’s softball.

Gaining Momentum

Over the course of the first few weeks, we’ve been able to work with some of the most intelligent minds in education to help them tell their story. We’ve spoken to numerous prospective, current, and past students as well as parents, faculty and other stakeholders, and we are starting to formulate ideas that we truly believe will change the landscape of university communication.

A glimpse into an initial Handsome Brand Workshop with SU Stakeholders

Prospective Students Expect More

In a time when the demand for delightful product experiences is unprecedented (especially among the college-aged), the current state of design in the educational space as a whole is no longer acceptable.

Choosing a college is an investment in both time and money, not to mention a 2-8 year commitment for both students and parents alike. It is a momentous decision that will affect who students are as people, as well as the course of their lives beyond graduation.

A prospective student wants to know why he or she should choose one school over another, and ultimately wants to be sure he or she is making the right choice. Thoughtfully defining and effectively articulating the essence of the university experience (from brochures to billboards to the homepage) is the first step towards compelling communication.

About Handsome

Handsome is a design and innovation company.

We create beautiful experiences that drive businesses to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

We’re entrepreneurs, collaborators, inventors, thinkers, and makers. We focus on creating brands, services, and products that impact users across a holistic, technology-empowered journey.

We’re independently owned and headquartered in Austin, Texas with a team comprised of strategists, designers, and technologists.

Our client partnerships include FedEx, Keller Williams, Facebook, Home Depot, and Nickelodeon.

Our team is growing. Want to create things that make an impact?

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