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Final product design featured above

Creating a mobile experience that helps people dream about travel

The world is vast, and we all need inspiration, not knowing where to go can be challenging when it comes to booking a trip.

FareCompare has been a force in the travel industry space since 1999, helping millions of visitors each month find affordable airfare and hotels.

With more and more players in the online travel booking space, FareCompare wanted to uncover new avenues to connect with their users and differentiate their brand.

FareCompare approached Handsome with a very open-ended goal of creating a product that inspires people to dream about travel and secure bookings to places they may have not discovered.

Define – The Landscape

Understanding why and how people travel. We talked to people to understand the emotions, goals and interactions surrounding the travel experience. This included watching people book trips, a photo-journal exercise, and one-on-one conversations about past travel experiences.

“We started interviewing people on their approach to travel, their travel memories and even asked them to create a photo journal: where they selected 10 photos related to their travel experience that sparked the most joy.”

One-on-one interviews were conducted with the client stakeholders to accurately determine the driving philosophy for behind the product we were about to create.

Design – an experience that is useful

A divergent and convergent process. People dream of specific events like Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls, the Lantern Festival in Thailand and others events give seasons and reasons to explore the world in a new way. From insights gleaned during research, we came up with 100 product ideas, narrowed them down to 3 viable options, which we then prototyped with users. The result, Eventurist.

We kept all team members up to date on the latest findings and design decisions to ensure each of us has a global understanding of the product

Refine – measure + optimize for success

Where experience design and technology marry. Our design and technology teams applied emerging motion conventions and ensuring that the experience integrated FareCompare sophisticated algorithm that scours more than 6.13 billion flight itineraries daily to find great prices.

  • Ongoing User Research + Validation
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Development (Android and iOS)
  • Iterative updates based on user feedback
Final Product Screens
Interaction examples.

The Results

  • Defined a product and experience based user’s needs and wants.
  • over a 200% increase in active users since launch and growing
  • 4+ star user rating in both Google Play and Apple App Stores

“Eventurist is a collection of well researched events, with strict – and human consideration – of what our users value. We layer the curated information with the best-in-class deal detection algorithm to find the cheapest flight”


Reflections and Looking Ahead

With travel experiences becoming more contextual, we envision a future where we will capture, share, curate and experience the world with anyone anywhere.


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