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Justin Reyna Joins Handsome as a Product Designer

Justin Reyna Joins Handsome as a Product Designer

We are pleased to announce a new Product Designer, Justin Reyna, joining the team. Justin crafts meaningful experiences for users by incorporating high quality interaction design and visual hierarchy with iconography and illustrations. His role centers around pairing Handsome’s human-centered design approach with elements of delight that allow users to connect and interact with technology on a deeper level. He thrives on sharing his expertise and experiences with the larger design community, especially newer designers.

Justin was drawn to Handsome  based on the fact that each member of the team brings their own skillsets and perspectives from their respective disciplines. The collaborative culture of Handsome means that everyone is willing to share their knowledge with the team, creating more thoughtful, well rounded designers.

Fun Fact: “I love photography. It was my first introduction to visual storytelling, and it still influences a lot of the design decisions that I make.”

Before joining Handsome, Justin worked on the Enterprise Solutions Team at InVision App. There he learned about the intricacies associated with scaling a design-led product company. It also allowed him to share the value of design with traditionally non-design-led companies. 

His previous role allowed him to work with Fortune 500 companies (like IBM, Macy’s, Uber, and Fedex) who were just then discovering the importance of a design-led approach. 

Justin is currently crafting a mobile client relationship management tool for real estate agents.

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