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Exploring the future of the retail customer experience

Exploring the future of the retail customer experience

Toward the end of 2016, FedEx, the American multinational courier delivery service, selected Handsome as an Innovation and Design Partner for Retail Customer Experience. FedEx was looking for a partner to redesign its Drop Box solution and supporting service blueprint; something that hasn’t been done in nearly 20 years. In early conversation, it was clear that this was about much more than a box.

A Human-centered Vision

Their larger vision was to develop a diverse portfolio of retail solutions that put people first, inspire trust, and offer customers solutions on their terms.

The Ask

The ask was put quite simply: “Improve and modernize the retail customer experience, with a focus on the NextGen Drop Box.”

UX Lead Annette Neu identifying areas of opportunity along the current Drop Box service blueprint. This was part of a two-day kickoff with the FedEx stakeholders.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to apply design thinking to improve a customer-centric system as complex and large-scale as the FedEx Retail portfolio. This is why we started Handsome.”

-John Roescher CEO

We spent the beginning of 2017 gaining a holistic understanding of the current dropbox service. We identified areas for improvement based on extensive customer and operational research, iterated and validated several potential solutions using prototypes to scale, and ultimately designed a forward-looking service blueprint for the NextGen Drop Box solution.

Going Forward

The journey has just begun between FedEx and Handsome. We have identified dozens of touch points, spanning multiple stakeholders, that need to be considered, tested, and innovated.

We’re excited to be working with some of the brightest, most innovative minds in transportation, logistics, and retail customer experience. We look forward to what’s in store next.

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