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Employee Spotlight: Anna Krachey, Experience Designer

Employee Spotlight: Anna Krachey, Experience Designer

Anna Krachey has been a part of the Handsome family since the middle of 2014 as a designer focused on UX Design and has worked on many of our key client projects. Anna recently took a short leave to start a family and is now re-joining the active Handsome project teams to get back to design work. We took this opportunity to talk with Anna about design, her unique academic background, and her experience so far with motherhood.

What has inspired you to be a designer at Handsome, now for over 3 years?

“I feel passionately about the effectiveness of our human-centered approach to design and have spent the last 3 years helping to imbue our process and culture with a user-driven problem-solving philosophy. Part of what I love about being part of the team at Handsome is our ability to effectively apply our process to lots of different problems and sectors as well as being able to leverage different expertise, from service design to VR.”

Fun Fact: “I have a master’s degree in studio art/photography from UT. One theme in my work has been to see the mundane in a new light. This perspective shift also informs my design research practice by allowing me to zoom in on the unnoticed in an ethnographic context.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at Handsome?

“Every time we dive into an industry we’re unfamiliar with, I love the process of becoming a ‘mini expert’, as I like to call it. Here at Handsome, I’ve developed chops in cyber security, sorority culture, travel, and surgery protocol, to name a few. Through a research process that generates understanding of any user group, we’re able to talk about their unique problems in a rich and compelling way. It allows us to speak with authority on their unique needs and challenges and keep them at the heart of whatever we are designing.”

Why design? Why now?

“For me, this is an exciting time to be working in design; with rapid technological change driven by consumer convenience playing such a major role in innovation, there are so many opportunities for us to get our hands dirty. With brands like Amazon and Whole Foods teaming up, streaming services such as Netflix outright replacing cable television, and service design companies such as Blue Apron changing the landscape of home cooked meals, the importance of innovation is only growing. It’s a blast for us to partner with companies as we help them learn who their users are and how to stay ahead in a wildly shifting landscape by designing toward evolving user needs.”

Has your career in design played a role in your recent experience starting a family?

“I was able to leverage the rich data gleaned from the research I did in design school around pregnancy, labor and delivery in the US this year when my son was born. It was extremely rewarding to see how the depth of my knowledge base profoundly affected my own experience in such a positive way.”

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