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Christine Soules Joins Handsome as a Product Designer

Christine Soules Joins Handsome as a Product Designer

We are excited to welcome Christine Soules as our newest Product Designer at Handsome. Christine brings human-centered design strategy to life with intuitive interactions and clean, delightful aesthetics. Her role is centered around creating perfect details – including interactions, visual structure, iconography, motion, and anything else that will make a product more valuable to users.

Fun Fact: “I love traditional illustration and digital painting. I draw a lot with rich, saturated colors and organic subject matter like animals and landscapes.”

She has worked on a wide range of digital products, from enterprise software to mobile gaming. Brands she has worked with include Disney, Subway, Schlumberger, Royal Bank of Canada, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cisco and Frost Museum of Science (to name a few).

Christine is currently working with Handsome’s client FedEx on consumer experience innovation.

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