Full-time Position

Austin, TX

Senior Web Technologist

You'll use your technical leadership and breadth of knowledge of Web technologies internally, – leading our team's development efforts and being an essential contribute within the experience and product design groups, – as well as externally, representing Handsome technology in client communication throughout the engagements.

About Handsome:

  • Handsome is a design and technology studio that applies a human-centered approach to creating digital experiences and software products for clients in all industries. We have worked with Home Depot, Facebook, FedEx, Nickelodeon, Keller Williams, Indeed, Silvercar, and more.
  • We’re a hardworking group of strategists, researchers, designers, and technologists and we take our work seriously.
  • We’re passionate and rigorous about our human-centered design process and this is the main driver for the success of our work and for our clients choosing us.
  • We constantly push each other in order to be better skilled in our craft and make the products we build with our clients look and function at a world-class level.
  • Our office is within walking distance to all the trendy restaurants, bars, and downtown living popping up on the East Side of Austin.

About You:

  • You are a Web Expert who loves creating beautiful, meaningful experiences.
  • You are adept at successfully collaborating with design teams to come up with the best combination of creativity and technology for a web product. You love design and are eager to collaborate with designers to build great, award-winning products.
  • You are a valuable participant in meetings with a client or designers and can easily articulate technical concepts and ideas to a non-technical audience. Your grandma understands what you do for a living.
  • Your analytical and strategic thinking skills allows you to understand and communicate the value and implications of design and technology decisions.
  • You are ever mindful of the balance between being a perfectionist and an effective problem solver.
  • You’ve got comprehensive leadership skills. You can command a room or mobilize a team toward a common goal, regardless if that team is in the building, spread across the globe, a third-party partner, or the client’ s team.
  • You bring a hat rack: Not afraid to take on whatever role is necessary for the success of team, the product, and the company.
  • You’re a technology whisperer – excited to participate in meetings collaborating with Sales, supporting them with technical information and making clients enthusiastic and confident in their choice to work with Handsome. You want to and know how to sell technology solutions and strategy. This also means you own pants/dresses and shirts with collars.
  • Thought leadership: You have a vision for the future of web technologies overall and Web within a company or a brand. You can demonstrate this through examples of your great writing and public speaking skills.

Your Technical Skills:

  • Your front-end UI development skills allow you to create an experience of any complexity. You are an expert in transforming complex motion mockups into working, usable responsive/adaptive web page. You can reference some of the work you see at https://dribbble.com/handsomemade .
  • Your front-end JS development experience makes you comfortable creating clean and performant frontend-heavy applications using React+Redux, Angular, or alternatives.
  • You’ve got comprehensive understanding of modern front-end development practices and use them day-to-day. Things like NPM, yarn, ES6, babel, ESLint, Webpack, BEM are all part of your world.
  • Your semantic code, OpenGraph, accessibility, and SEO best practices are instinctual. Your know what search and mobile search tools like.
  • You know and use your testing tools: Jest, mocha, chai, chai-spies or alternatives.
  • You are no stranger to back-end development and server-side scripting: JS (Node), Python, Ruby, or PHP.
  • Experience with vanilla WebGL and WebGL frameworks (Three.js), visualization libraries (D3.js), WebVR and other emerging technologies.
  • Ability to get a web application up and running on a Linux server from scratch. Which solutions to fire up from AWS to support what you’re trying to build should not leave a confused look on your face.
  • Impressive Github profile and good professional reputation in the community.

Bonus points for:

  • Previous experience working closely with creatives – perhaps in an agency setting.
  • Surprising us with some cool talent or hobby.
  • Being able to go deeper in the technology stack. If you’ve wired up complex databases and can battle-harden a back-end for large numbers of concurrent users – awesome.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Working with the most Handsome people you’ll ever meet.
  • 100% Handsome-paid health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance benefits.
  • 401k after 1 year.
  • Flexible paid time off.


Send us a message at careers@handsome.is with your résumé, portfolio of relevant work and anything else you wish us to see and consider.