Full-time Position

Austin, TX

Digital Product Manager

You’ll work hand in hand with our team and clients to help create, design, and build digital experiences.

About Handsome

Handsome is a design & innovation company located in Austin, TX.

Some of our clients include: FedEx, Keller Williams, Facebook, Home Depot, and Nickelodeon.

We’re based on the east side of Austin, Texas.We’re a hardworking group of strategists, researchers, designers, and technologists and we take our work seriously.

We’re passionate and rigorous about our human-centered design process and this is the main driver for the success of our work and for our clients choosing us.

We constantly push each other in order to be better skilled in our craft and make the products we build with our clients look and function at a world-class level.

Our office is walking distance to Brew and Brew, Easy Tiger, Pueblo Viejo, and other restaurants, bars, and downtown living.

About The Work

You are the CEO of your projects and programs, given the autonomy to collaborate with your team and exceed your client’s expectations of success.

You will work closely with client stakeholders to understand their vision and serve as their advocate, ensuring that the team is focused on client business goals.

You have experience in account management, and will work confidently with clients to help identify strategic roadmaps, understand their ecosystem, and think beyond the project at hand.

You will be the client’s main point of contact regarding all project related topics.

You will be responsible for establishing clear lines of communication between client and team and are the single source of truth for all aspects of the project.

You understand how to structure engagements, and can help craft the strategy and team necessary to solve client problems.

You have confidence that is backed up by a rich understanding of your craft.

You are looked at as a leader by the team, and help clear obstacles to help them deliver their best work. 

You will be ultimately responsible for all of the following for client projects:

  • Account Management
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Timeline
  • Risk Management
  • Identifying Growth Opportunities on Existing Accounts

Work with the Sales and Marketing teams to:

  • Promote and leverage client work to highlight Handsome’s capabilities through case studies and client testimonials
  • Contribute to company thought leadership
  • You will support the organization by being involved in the pursuit process, configuring the right teams for new engagements and helping Handsome win new business.

About You

You’re based in Austin, Texas or plan to be in the near future.

You have at least 3+ years as a product manager, account manager, producer, or equivalent. 

You can talk in detail about your adventures creating and shipping products.

You have a knack for taking complex ideas and explaining them simply and clearly.

You have experience working in client services, preferably in an agency setting.

You’re familiar with service blueprints, user testing, and other parts of the design process.

You’re organized. Super-organized. You LOVE being organized.

You pay attention to the details and understand how to graciously give feedback.

You encourage clients to think beyond just ‘building the product’ to make sure strategy, marketing, and launch are as successful as possible.

You are an empathetic, professional, and charismatic communicator who can speak directly without ego.

You are comfortable on the phone and in video conferences, running client meetings in person, and meeting with the internal team regularly for check-ins.

Able to work with geographically disperse teams.

You can run a project that is skewed somewhere between agile and waterfall.

You are willing to make slight adjustments to how you run a project in order to accommodate the client while also maintaining the needs of the company.

You understand the software development lifecycle and you’re eager to learn more about web, native mobile and the backend that makes all the magic happen.

You understand the value and are passionate about our industry.

You nerd out on tech news and new or interesting digital products coming to market.

You want to be a part of the Austin community and like to participate in local technology and design events.

You’re familiar with Jira or other process management tools that help make our jobs easier and more productive.

“That’s not my job” is not in your vocabulary.

You’re continuously improving your current skillset and hope to grow your craft. We’re in a rapidly changing business; we’re focused on staying ahead.

Bonus points for

Having references from past clients.

Having former employer references who are still recovering from your departure.

Being able to discuss a recent project that failed or succeeded, understanding why and how you’ve learned or grown from this experience.

Having prior agency, design, or development specific experience.

Certifications such as: PMP, CSPO, and/or CPO

Benefits and Perks

Work from our world headquarters, located on east 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas (near I-35).

Working with the most Handsome people you’ll ever meet.

Health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance benefits.

401k retirement benefits.

Flexible paid time off.


Send us a message at careers@handsome.is with your résumé, portfolio of relevant work and anything else you wish us to see and consider.